Beverly Hills Heart Disease

Heart Screening /  Heart Attack Prevention

Nearly half of people will die from their initial heart attack.  These individuals, using traditional models would have been classified as low or intermediate risk for heart disease.  Therefore, these methods of measuring the risk for heart disease are sometimes not enough. This leaves many people asking the question “How can I prevent heart disease?”. There have been significant advances in cardiac and vascular imaging that has allowed for early detection and screening for heart disease.  If appropriately detected, early treatment with current advance therapies can lead to prevention of heart disease or halt the progression of existing coronary artery disease.  In fact, the majority of heart attacks are caused by modifiable heart disease risk factors.

Atherosclerosis is the major cause of heart attack and strokes.  Our arteries are much more than simple tubes; they are well organized systems that supply organs of the body with blood which delivers vital nutrients and oxygen.  With the constant stress of high cholesterol and blood pressure and other mentioned risk factors, plaque begins to build up in these critical arteries which prevented adequate blood flow and can lead to future heart attacks and stroke.

Because heart attacks do not always worn and strike fast, early screening and detection can lead to prevention of such devastating events.  Each ear over 500,000 people die of heart disease, usually within minutes from onset of heart disease symptoms.