Beverly Hills Cardiology

Vascular ultrasound

Helps in detection of early atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a diffuse, body-wide process. When plaque is found inone arterial system, such as in the heart’s coronary arteries, there is a high likelihood of finding a significant amount of plaque in other major arteries. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking increase the odds of developing peripheral artery disease (PAD). Ultrasounds can provide a wide range of insight into your heart’s health. If you suspect that you have a cardiac concern please contact Beverly Hills Cardiology as soon as possible.

Carotid Ultrasound:

The carotid arteries are the main arteries in the neck that supply blood to the brain. Disease in the carotid arteries is a major cause of stroke. Progressive plaque accumulation in these arteries is typically silent before stroke but can easily be detected during an ultrasound examination. Significant plaque development in the carotid arteries is a risk factor for stroke. If severe obstruction of a carotid artery is found, procedures to relieve the obstruction have been shown to reduce the odds of future stroke. Total time for the test is an hour.