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Heart surgeon Los Angeles – Being told that you or a loved one has a heart disease can be frightening and overwhelming. But you can rest assured that at Beverly Hills Cardiology you are in good hands. A cardiology consultation by Dr. Eshaghian Heart surgeon Los Angeles for evaluation is usually requested by your general internist, family doctor, or sometimes another specialist or surgeon when he or she wishes to have a cardiac specialist (cardiologist) use his or her expertise to evaluate you. Occasionally, people seek outcardiology services on their own. This might be one of many reasons from concern over a known or possible serious cardiac problem to a more general evaluation. It might also include situations where you, your personal physician or your regular cardiologist wish you to have a confirmatory or second opinion. Dr. Eshaghian starts by speaking to you and examining you, reviewing any pertinent records available, and possibly doing further diagnostic testing. Heart surgeon Los Angeles

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