7 Signs of a Heart Condition

Symptoms that indicate a person may be suffering from an undiagnosed heart condition do not often prompt a call to the doctor or cardiologist. While people are becoming more aware of the heart attack symptoms and how it does not necessarily mimic what is depicted in the movies, many are unfamiliar with the presentation of a heart condition that may eventually result in a heart attack. At Beverly Hills Cardiology, we believe it is critical that every person know the 7 signs of a heart condition and when it is time to seek professional medical help from a renowned expert, like Dr. Shervin Eshaghian M.D.

  1. Pain or discomfort: Gripping chest pain usually incites a person to seek emergency medical services. Yet, chest discomfort is commonly overlooked and subjected to the “wait and see” approach. While any chest discomfort should be evaluated, discomfort or pain indicating the need for an immediate examination includes chest discomfort accompanied by a sensation of burning, fullness, pressure or squeezing and pain in the neck, jaw, one or both arms, shoulders, back and/or abdomen.
  2. Rapid or irregular heartbeat: When a person experiences a rapid heartbeat at rest, it may cause the unpleasant sensation of anxiety and also point to a heart condition. If a heartbeat is irregular, a person may experience it as a slowing of the heartbeat, “hard beat,” fluttering feeling or be completely unaware until it is discovered during a physical examination.
  3. Anxiety: Recurrent bouts of anxiety or anxiety that is accompanied by other symptoms may indicate a heart condition.
  4. Dizziness and/or lightheadedness: While these two are distinct sensations that can result in fainting, both dizziness and lightheadedness can be a sure sign of heart condition, particularly when other warning signs are present.
  5. Shortness of breath: Individuals with a heart condition frequently report episodes with shortness of breath prior to their diagnosis. If you feel winded after minimal activity, you may have a heart condition that has eluded detection.
  6. Fatigue or weakness: Extreme or unusual tiredness that is unrelated to exertion or a medical condition should be immediately assessed by a medical professional as there are various types of heart conditions which induce fatigue.
  7. Swollen extremities or abdomen: Swelling in the feet, legs or abdomen can be a sign of a heart condition as a failing heart will cause fluid to accumulate in these regions of the body.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the above symptoms, Dr. Shervin Eshaghian M.D., of the Beverly Hills Cardiology is prepared to conduct a thorough examination and deliver expert medical services to determine the exact cause of the symptoms. A heart condition can be a deadly disease if it continues to remain untreated, so please do not delay timely diagnosis and essential treatment. Contact our knowledgeable, caring staff today by calling (310) 858-6500.