5 Secrets Not to Keep from Your Cardiologist

Beverly Hills CABG
Your cardiologist is able to help you unless you keep secrets from them. This information is important to not only your heart health but your overall well-being. Your cardiologist is not able to read your mind or find out specific information through the tests that they run. This open communication is essential for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

1. If you have a new symptom show up, let the doctor know.
2. Let the doctor know if things are better or worse, or if you’re going through hard times at the moment.
3. If you’re taking vitamins, supplements or other medications, or if you have skipped taking them or stopped altogether.
4. If you’ve previously had other tests performed by other medical professionals.
5. If you have not stuck to the recommended diet.

You’re not going to be condemned if you let them know more about the current state of your health or the slip ups you’ve had.

Whether it is because you’re in denial, or because you’re afraid to know more, keeping secrets from your doctor is never a good idea. Always be up front, and work with your doctor to find out what the issue is. Dr. Shervin Eshaghian and his team in Beverly Hills, CA can help you better if you’re honest.