EKG Beverly Hills

An electrocardiogram or EKG is an office test that measures the electrical activity of the heart and translates it into waves on paper for a doctor to analyze. It is the most common heart tracing done

Aside from the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat, the EKG can provide indirect evidence of blood flow within arteries to heart muscle and the thickness of heart muscle.

An EKG test from Beverly Hills Heart team can be used to determine:

  • The cause of chest pain or other heart disease symptoms
  • How well heart medications are working
  • To make sure the blood is receiving adequate flow
  • If the walls of the heart are too thick or if the heart is enlarged
  • How well mechanical devices such as pacemakers are working
  • Check the overall health of the heart that is affected by other diseases

An EKG is the most common test performed prior to many heart surgeries in order to find out if the surgery is safe to perform.

The test will be performed by placing small metal discs called electrodes on different areas of the body to trace your heart activity onto paper. An EKG generally takes less than 5 minutes – EKG Beverly Hills

beverly hills ekg

In order to discover more about Echocardiography (EKG) and its implications please view this PDF by the American Heart Association.

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